Scott McLaughlin Resume

Who Am I

Technology professional both in Engineering and Management.  Previous success as Director Infrastructure Engineering, Director of Engineering, Principal Systems Engineer and Sr. System Engineer positions.  I come from a strong UNIX, Windows and Networking background with over 25 years of experience in Computing, Data Centers, as well as advanced technologies such as clustering, network file storage and load balancing.

I have a broad skill set that is very deep in several key areas allowing me to work in all sorts of mixed environments, both technical and high level management.  I have a lot of experience with architecture and implementation as well as administration and programming.   I have a lot of networking skill set that includes routing, switching, security, firewalls and most LAN based technologies..

I have accelerated learning capabilities, if I don’t know it I will figure it out in a very short period of time and become an expert at it, allowing me to quickly adapt to new environments or technologies.